Friday, October 17, 2008

What is Islam??

Islam is a religion for all. It doesn’t mean just for the arab nor only for the jews…it is a religion for all living things in the universe.

In Islam, Allah as the Lord of the universe do no not teach us “I’m your God and you have to believe in Me” without giving us any concrete sign of His existence. The signs that He give, the teaching that He propose to us is holistic, have no contradiction at all, and suitable for all age and sesuai semua zaman.

But we as a human being, with our little strength to think, are so fond to ask ourselves “If God really exist and want us to worship Him, so where is He?”

Let us think for a second, if we as the most genius scientist invent some really genius robot that can do so much things like a human being, but can the robot feels and thinks by itself how the human body works, the brain, the blood circulation, the tears that comes out from the eyes, and knows where an is his ‘creator’?

It is hard for us to answer, where is the wind? And because we can’t see the wind, we doesn’t really know where is it. But it doesn’t mean that there is no wind. Why? It is because we can feel the existence of the wind and as a result we believe that there is a wind.

We have a very limited time to think where is God? Put the question aside and start asking ourselves and ponder upon all the signs given.

“Always ready to make a comparison, and we will see the beauty of the true religion.”